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Who we are

First of all, thank you for sharing the same passion as we do.



Being always on the creative side of life I started with Grafik-Design up to model-booking until studing photography and writing about fashion. I love being abroad, meeting different people and smelling the air of different places.


To make it short: I want to spread my buzz for fashion, photography and above all my love to life to all of you.  I started with this blog because I thought it’s exciting to get the combination of the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle and to give a glance of what is happening behind the scenes at fashion-shoots, and the business itself.

I will also have sometimes some amazing guest-blogger who have the same passion as I have!

So enjoy our writing, pictures, music and videos. From  US to YOU. I want already say THANK U!! for all of the support I had – I’ll keep on going !!


L.O.V.E. LaShila


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