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Let’s talk about ‘size-diversity’!

This project, by which we want to share all different sizes and shapes brought us to the idea to do a spontaneous and funny photo-shoot together.

Working in fashion, as a curvy model a fashion blogger for curvy girls or skinnies, you always get encountered with stereotype thinking.

So far, I can deal with that, but what was new to me is that people start to blame others for things which are totally rude. For example: being not that curvy anymore, too skinny which is immediately equalized with anorexia or even wearing the wrong hair-color, and many more. Seriously, this is not what it’s all about!

We’re all different and thank God we are! – otherwise it would be more than boring.  It’s wrong hating around or blaming people for their own laziness or dissatisfaction.

It’s important to feel good about your body and mind and if not-  change it instead of blaming others.

With this project we want to show the world that, whether you have bombshell curves or a sporty, skinny body,  that it doesn’t matter as long as you feel good and comfortable.

We are four girls of different body shapes and types. Curvy, skinny, tall, small, thick, thin but we are all beautiful and worth making moon eyes at ;).  We live this way and in my opinion we are a truly hot team of 4 different girls who celebrate, support, work and love fashion.

We had an amazing time during our photo-shoo and I want to thank our hot curve model Theresa Hinterecker by curve model management, the girls from theskinnyandthecurvyone and dadiva make up, who did a great job!!

with #wedemgirlz we are going to post from now on fun moments of our lives as four different fashiongirls <3.


xx LoVe



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