V-day vs #selflove

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Wow again, that ‘special time’ of the year. No, it’s not Christmas.

You may already know that I’m not a huge fan when it comes up to the classy, boring and common Valentines Day posts and my opinion hasn’t changed since the last one. 

vdaylook 1
Therefore I’d like to take the chance to talk about #selflove, the #womensmarch and the recent campaign of Marina Rinaldi & Ashley Graham #womenarethefuture.

So now as you realized where this post leads to you still have the chance to skip to the next one ;). For all who are stimm in let’s go.

Due to the sad and disgusting political situation in the USA, I determine a positive way of rebellion. I was thrilled to see the how many humans and I say humans because I’ve seen men, women, children of any age, colour and social class, who were protesting and fighting for women’s rights and more acceptance. It’s satisfying to see our generation standing up for their ideas, belonging, and values.

I feel that there is something going on and that finally people are going out on these streets to make changes.


vdaylook 3

vdaylook 3

Especially on a day like Valentines-Day where love should be “celebrated” if we follow the mass-consumption, we should rather learn self-acceptance, respect others, and show love to everyone no matter which skin tone, religion or figure. 


The total look is by ASOS.






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