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strip, strap, stripe – pinstripe

Being pinned between winterly, grey weather and yearning for spring I find it quite logical to go for pinstripes. Although I’m a maintainer concerning the #allblackeverything -look, I find it quite bracing wearing something which is nearly black and on top with fine, white stripes, in […]

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I love to be very relaxed in Summer. Especially during my vacation. I’m not that sort of pary-through-holidays person. Rather I keeep calm and go to the beach and sleep a lot :). As I’m enjoying my vacation right now I wanted to share with […]

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Ein absolutes MUST für die kommenden sonnigen Wochen und Monate sind Vokuhila-Dresses und Oberteile in jeden erdenklichen Farben. Sei es eher gedeckt in schwarz oder nude oder in den absoluten Trendfarben NEON! Ohne diese Kreisch-Teile kommt man jetzt nicht durch den Sommer. Also schnell in […]

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