Summer-Beauty: sheet masks

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The weather couldn’t be more perfect for talking about my Summer beauty routine. Because there is none. I’m the opinion of that the sun, the climate, and my mood makes my skin already perfect and glowy. Nonetheless, you should keep your body and your skin hydrated and so I tried different sheet masks. Are they too hyped? or worth a buy? I tried to find that out in this post.

First of all, I’m not obsessed with a lot of beauty things and I do not run after every trend which is coming up. But I must admit that I was curious about the Asian beauty routine and especially the sheet mask. They seem to be the best product for me. Quick – not a lot of effort – quick results and fun.

I was thrilled to try as much as I could over a longer time I’ve put eleven sheet masks to the acid test aka tested the s*** out of it :).

Let’s start with one of my favorites:

IMG_8170The moisture mask by Artistry, Amway

  • Pro: very hydrating, cooling effect, nice packaging, comes in a 5-pack-box.
  • Con: there are 3 layers and you can use only one of it – not eco-friendly.
  • Result: All in all, one of my favorites it leaves a moisturized skin and I felt very refreshed. Perfect for hot days. I’ll use it also after a hot beach day to give my skin the perfect amount of hydration.



IMG_8171Caviar extract Mask from Peggy Sue via Amazon

  • Pro: nice smell, easy to apply, good price
  • Con: In comparison to other sheet masks very less product. 
  • Result: I didn’t have had any effect on my skin. Whether it was smoothing nor it reduced fine lines.




IMG_8172Water replenishment sheet mask by Dr. Jart+ via Sephora US

  • Pro: nice packaging, enough product, nice smell, skin fairly enough hydrated
  • Con: redness didn’t disappear, the fit was not so good.
  • Result: It left my skin fairly hydrated but that was it. Price is ok.




IMG_8173Animal Tiger Wrinkle mask by SNP via miin-cosmetics

  • Pro: much fun because there is a tiger face printed on the mask, it leaves a nourished skin and my skin feels boosted, good price
  • Con: way too much product which runs down almost everywhere
  • Result: I liked being a tiger for 25 min in my life and my skin is really smooth.




IMG_8174Love recipe Applemask by Sally’s box via miin-cosmetics

  • Pro: was refreshing, not expensive
  • Con: I didn’t like the design a lot nor the smell and unfortunately no description in English what it is all about
  • Result: It didn’t have had any noticeable effect on my skin




IMG_8175Dress code violet by Medi heal via miin-cosmetics

  • Pro: nice smell, nourishing, good price
  • Con: no big effect on my skin
  • Result: the price is ok and my skin feels smoother but not noticeable.




IMG_8176Panda face by OH K! , via ASOS

  • Pro: a fun mask with a Panda face on it, cool packaging, nice smell, hydrated and balanced skin
  • Con: again way too much product inside, it was so much that I even had enough product for my arms, and the smell has too much apple-scent for my taste, pricey!
  • Result: My skin felt boosted, smooth and hydrated and it’s a lot of fun having a panda face 🙂



IMG_8177Vital Hydra Solution by Dr.Jart+, via Douglas

  • Pro: packaging, smells very nice
  • Con: too big for my face, slightly burning on my skin, pimples after I’ve used it, no deep hydration
  • Result: This mask was absolutely not working in a good way for me. On the next day, I had a lot of little pimples everywhere. 



IMG_8178Brightening  Solution by Dr.Jart+, via Douglas

  • Pro: packaging, nice smell
  • Con: also here I didn’t have had any effect, no brighter skin so nothing. Pricey.
  • Result: Maybe this is working with a different skin better. I hoped it would balance out my redness but nothing happened.




IMG_8179Wrinkless Solution by Dr.Jart+, via Douglas

  • Pro: nice packaging, good smell, good fit
  • Con: pricey
  • Result: In contrast to the Brightening mask I felt a difference here, I loved how my skin felt after, plumped and smoothed. Very positive are the two sheet masks, one for the upper part and one for the lip part which offers a perfect fit.




Finally, I would say that the OH K!, Artistry and the tiger mask from SNP are my faves so far but I’m thrilled to try more. If you’re interested to try some masks by yourself, please click the on names where you find the shops linked.



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