Sophisticated business looks pt.2

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An #allblackeverything look peppered with an important message ‘I am women’!

Hell yeah! I am and I’m coming with curves and edges instead of perfection, which seems to be something you have nowadays to explain or excuse yourself for. In times where emanicipation shines bright in your face form every corner we are so far from accepting and loving ourself as we are. 

Don’t let our grandgrandmothers, grandmothers, mothers and all the other brave women who have fight for womens’ rights down. They deserve more than girls and women who are defining theirselves only superficially.




Coat: Calvin Klein find similiar here or here

Pants: H&M find similar here

Bag: Fendi Peekaboo

Beret / Hat : Asos

Belt: Gucci

Shoes: Zara find similar here

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