Search your inner rebel diva pt. II

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After showing you some of the new looks of TRIANGLE by s.Oliver, I would like to give you an understanding who is behind these great ideas. For this occasion I had the chance to interview Martina Schulte-Block, Division head. Martina Schulte-Block, Division head, Triangle, s.Oliver

ME: “What was the inspiration for the ‘rebel to diva’ collection?”

Martina Schulte-Block: “All started with the last fall/winter ’14 collection with rocking elements. That’s why the collection is called ‘rebel to diva’. Only after, we realized that this motto describes exactly our customers. Women who insurge and want to become a diva at the same time. We want to bring out the fashionista in our customer and offer them the newest trends. So what we did now was transferring our theme of the collection to our customers, because that’s how we see them ‘from rebel to diva’.”


ME: “What is your favorite piece of the collection?”

MSB: “Maybe I can refer to one but actually I have plenty of favorites. All these highlights which I’m creating together with my amazing team are part of the collection. Sometimes it’s difficult to convince certain retailers because somehow they are not ready for TRIANGLE by s.Oliver yet. But back to my favorite pieces: I love dresses – especially shift dresses. And not only for myself, also for bigger sizes. I’m wearing a dress from this collection right now in size 42 (german size). Jeans are important for me as well. Jeans which one can style with everything, including new shapes like the boyfriend-style.


ME: Do you have a favorite designer which is inspiring you in some way?

MSB: Victoria Beckham is great. She has a good feeling for key-pieces like long vests and of course her dresses, like ours, are playing with female figures and their curves.


ME: What is your personal must-have at the moment?

MSB: Pencil-skirts are definitively a must-have. For example in combination with a light-knit pullover or a light sweater – A cool break between feminine and casual-chic! From a tight pencil-skirt to a light pleated maxi-skirt. You need to have one in your wardrobe.


ME: What should not be missed in a girls’ wardrobe?

MSB: A good combination of casual-chic and feminine styles. Which means I am able to combine all the clothes I own myself. Something like, to start in the morning with a simple white shirt and jeans and for the evening I just grab some heels, a sequined top and a cool biker-jacket. For me, there has to be one outfit which, in different combinations, I can use for any occasion, which makes me look good at any time


ME: What does it mean for you to design fashion for curves?

MSB: For me, that’s a matter near to ones heart. I always preach to everyone that there are neither bigger size nor smaller sizes. „Sizes” only means: women with different body-shapes. I want to provide all figure-types with trends and style, are so that  our customers are confident without having the perception:  ‘Oh, I’m something special because I have this kind of figure!’ This means pioneer work for me, I want to shake up the market and show our partners and clients that there is a need for normality.


ME: Is there something you really would like to design in future?

MSB: Well, I had the vision of designing an o-shape coat and so we did. That means our visions are implemented really quickly. We pick trends up and see if they work out.


ME: Is there something that in your eyes,  could not work?

MSB: In one word: tents! Dresses without any shape. Completely covering up your figure is a NOGO for me. Except that, I can’t really name something that can’t work but I have a kind of advice or motto ‘dress yourself kind of dapper or chic.’ this may sound a bit inflexible at first sight, but it’s about how do I look like in my clothes, which I’m wearing and how do they look on me! If I feel comfortable in it and it looks good on me, that’s fine. this is also part of our motto. So there is actually nothing which I claim a real nogo.

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