Comfy vs stylishness

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Beautiful NYC you have me back! even if its just for a short stay and you look good as always so I have to come up with something as well  🙂

I like to combine stylish with comfort while hitting the road.. It’s important for me to relax during the flight and feel comfortable. Always with me my Rimowa Suitcase – there is nothing better than THIS Suitcase. I’m taking it everywhere I go and it still looks quite good after all those travels.

During my flights I prefer to wear flats or sneakers, because you never know how far you have to run from on gate to another. This time I’m wearing super chic silver metallic tassle-loafer from Zara.

The fleece wrap from OAK is one of my all-time favorites and it has different functions, of course kind of coat or jacket but I use it also as my cuddly blanket when the air-condition is too cold during the flight.

The Chanel Matelasse 2.55 classy, beautiful and a every girls dream – nothing more to say! All of my important things find place in the bag for notebook, magazines etc. I have a bordcase or another bag.

Now I’ve the Apple iPad mini – before I had the Apple iPad – and I must admit I’m really happy with the small version! The handling is really pleasant and it fits even in my Chanel bag! Just love it ! I really can advise this tool.

Finally I can call now one of Brian Lindbergs shirts to my own!! I waited a long time it was always sold out – now I’m taking it to NYC!!

Comfy Pants from ASOS Curve ! I like them because there not too long and I like the fabric a lot!


Last but not least the sunnies! As you all my know I never leave the house without sunnies!! I bought the Illesteva Glasses in Italy and love I love them! In the beginning I was not that convinced but know I don’t want to miss them anymore 🙂

The combination between the mirrored glassses and the preppy shape of the sunnies.


Of course I have also some Beauty stuff with me during the flight but for this I will do an extra post 🙂



Sending big love from the most amazing place ever!


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