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Today’s post is all about beverages, respectively my favorite drink!  I’m bored of all these Hugo’s & Aperol Spritzz.

In Paris we have Chanel, Dior or Lanvin so it’s no wonder that my favorite drink is from france as well. Lillet 1872, a perfect Aperitif or sundowner. I’m not into sickly sweet drinks what makes this Aperitif from Bordeaux even more attractive to me. The taste is softly herb paired with a perfect bitterness.

There are a lot of different ways to create a fresh, tasty drink for summer.

One of my favorites is

Lillet Vive




Lillet vive:

5cl Littet blanc

10 cl Tonic Water

Ice and a cucumber-slice, mint plus 1 strawberry.











Lillet Vesper:

1cl Lillet Blanc

6cl Gin

2cl Vodka

Ice and a lemon zest.







Lillet Citrosé:

5cl Lillet Rosé

10 cl Citrus-Lemonade

Ice, mint plus a lemon-slice.










K-MB_LILLET_Rosé_RoyalLillet Rosé Royal:

4cl Lillet Rosé

1cl fresh grapefruit juice

1cl sugar syrup

1 egg-white

infuse with Champagne

Ice and on top a slice of grapefruit



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