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While rushing from one show to another, I had some time to give you a little update.

I still can’t get over Jeremy Scott’s first collection for Moschino.

Lindsey Wixson as runaway bride wrapped in an nutrition-info dress, Rita Ora in a delicious cheese cracker pack-dress, Mc Donald’s screaming bags, jellybeans, Frosties and on top Spongebob everywhere!! My favorites were the 90ties MOSCHINO belt lettering everywhere in combination with the black leather.

Personally I’m not going to have the Spongebob-Sweater, unfortunately not my style 😉  but I’m so going for a Moschino lettering-belt, but I’m sure Anna dello Russo will be seen in an hot awesome dress looking like a happy meal!

And for the non-courages ones …? don’t mind they will have at least the shirt ‘I don’t speak Italian but I do speak Moschino’! Which will be seen like ‘on errrrrbody’

All said with that.

Thanks Jeremy for this smorgasbord of fashion & the hot fries my phone is wearing now <3



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