‘I don’t believe in numbers!’

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Wow, time is passing so quickly. Tomorrow I will turn 30! YAAYYY YEAHH UHUHUH!! PAM PAM !!

I’m not scared of the ‘3’ in front of my age, like a some of my friends who turned 30 before I did. I feeling pretty fine slipping in a new ‘age-cleavage’ hahaha! I’m pretty happy that new things will start!

Above all, a good friend, who turned 30 two weeks ago, pushed me even more as he told me that since he turned 30 his appearance is now much more serious than it was with 29 years.

Altogether I’m sure this will bring amazing new chances and adventures.


Here my birthday-wishlist from the little bench to the fendi! All I would like to have for a new period in life.

Fendi 2 Jour

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