Headbands are back & What I was wearing to my friend’s ​​Civil wedding.

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Headbands are all over! In every magazine, on Instagram or Blog you’ll find them.

While most of you connect alicebands with Blair Waldorf, who wore headbands with a true girly attitude.

SATC – Agony and ex-tasy

For me, there was just one look which came right in my mind: SATC, episode Agnoy and Ex-tasy. A Carrie Bradshaw, a Prada two-piece, a gorge black velvet headband jumping over a freshly tarred street. BOOM! Nailed it. Ok, maybe I’m one generation before our XOXO-girls and a true self-called SATC style-inspired person, who continuously wonders how people cannot still be inspired by these awesome looks? Or is it just because it was anno 2001. Well we’ll never find out.

Civil Wedding look

This look which is so bold and 2019 in once that I literally screamed while I binge-watched all the Sex and the City episodes last night.

From this moment I knew I need a velvet headband RIGHT NOW! and a perfect occasion to wear. So, what couldn’t be more perfect as the civil wedding of my friend Verena, where I have the pleasure to be a Maid of honour. Perfect timing, perfect setting. I see you feel me.

Civil Wedding Look.

The fact that I’m not Carrie Bradshaw who rocks a Prada two-piece, I had to turn it into a more “me”-look.

By more me, I mean more classy and if there are two words who come in one than it’s one of my go-to brands, Marina Rinaldi, who made it possible to find my perfect “go-to-a-civil-wedding-Carrie-Bradshaw-but-me-classy-look”. So I chose a soft Nappa leather coat* and Satin pants* and a very light blouse to my headband.

Civil Wedding

Seeing my friend Verena and her now-husband so happy makes me even more proud being her maid of honour. I’m convinced that their love will be one of those rare lasting love stories. Thanks to Eileen for caption this moment.


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