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Color - Extreme Spray, Asos

Color – Extreme Spray, Asos

I decided now to go for color !! I will risk something. I was thinking for months now if I should go for color or not.

But I will not be that gritty to do a real coloration. Like the beau Bonnie Strange who I admire since years and she had the balls to go for colored hair – Just want to say it here short ! WOW BONNIE !!!

Color Spray, Haarkunst

Color Spray, Haarkunst

I will try it first with this super fancy spray from Color-Extreme. It’s easy to handle like normal hair-spray and if you want to have a more intense color repeat it.

What I like about it is that you can create a color gardient which makes it more special. I think I will go for a green-blue thing.

To remove the color you just have to wash your hair!! 🙂 and then you can start again with another color.



The Color-Bug from Kevin Murphy is bit different in it’s handling. You need a hair-product to finish the look

Color Bug from Kevin Murphy

Color Bug from Kevin Murphy

with the color-bug. First you have to put on a neutral hair-spray, then go on with the color-bug. I just watched the Kevin Murphy Homepage were it’s shown how to apply the color. Very easy and really super-effective.

Important!! Use a towel on your shoulders to make sure that there will be no color on your shirt!



For those who want to switch color more quickly without any risks, should go for Annabelle’s Wigs, they look hot and you will get maybe a new haircut for a short-time as well.

This will be a really, really cool exciting experience will show you some pictures from it!



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