Glow the skin you’re in – but …

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We want shimmer, we want glow, we want tan, bronze and all the Summer-skin. By that, I’m telling you nothing new, this sexy Summer skin is what we’re craving for, but it has two sides of its bronzy coin.

Sure, a nice tan looks fresh and pretended healthily but it’s the opposite-believe me ageing will be here the smallest problem.

To get a closer look and understanding what happens to our skin and how we can prevent from the dangerous side of it I’ve invited a dear friend, blogger and doctor in biochemistry Sarah from the blog eat-train-care. My personal go-to specialist when it comes up to beauty-products and it’s ingredients.

Heading over to my self-called specialist, our guest-writer Sarah who was so kind as to answer for us three questions. But before, who’s she?

Sarah’s blog eat-train-care is based on three columns: nutrition, sport and skin care and how all stick together. This concept is very informative and inspiring and not because she’s my friend. It’s about the amount of useful information and authenticity in this overfloating ocean of blogs and influencery chaos – Literally, a true gem! I can tell you that since I’ve known Sarah, I do not believe a word anymore from what is told me at beauty-counters, Instagram or Magazines. Go and check-out yourself!

For today’s topic I’ve asked Sarah four questions which came up to mind when I was thinking about tan, Summer and skin:

  • What the sun actually does to your skin?

First of all, sun leaves a warm and comfy impression on our skin. Some studies even claim that sun will induce the production and release of feel good hormones, such as serotonin and cannabinoid-like substances. In fact, this might be due to the fact that sun indeed can be good for our skin and overall well-being – speaking of Vitamin D production which will only be carried out upon induction of a chemical reaction that is dependent on UV irradiation. However, too much UV irradiation not only destroys already produced Vitamin D within the skin, UV also exhibits further harmful reactions in the skin and body. So be careful when tanning without production.

While UVA (A for aging) is involved in overall aging of the skin, UVB (B for brown) will induce heating, redding of the skin, eventually sunburn if you over do. Within 3-7 days UVB melanin production will go up resulting in the tan most people are striving for. By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you stay in full sun or shadow – UV irradiation Is there anyways.

  • What long-term consequences will come with it?

As already mentioned, UVA is the main inductor of skin aging. This is because UVA creates oxidative stress in form of free radicals and so-called reactive oxygen species. These highly reactive components are harmful for important skin proteins, e.g. elastin and collagen, but also may act on DNA. As DNA reacts with free radicals mutations will occur. These mutations will be either repaired by your body or they will reside further on, eventually leading to the development of skin cancer 20-30 years later in the worst place.

  • Does self-tanning has negative effects on our skin?

Self-tanning skincare products containing Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) or Erythrulose are an excellent way to create a tan without the harmful impact of UV light. In the past people claimed that sunlight may also create free radicals from DHA, however this is not a major issue. If you want to be on the safe side use self-tanning products in the evening.

  • The three go-to pro-tips for glowy tanned but protected skin for the Summer.

Nowadays well formulated sunscreens will not leave a greasy, sticky feeling or white cast on your skin anymore. Instead they come with modern UV-filter technologies keeping filtering up to 98% of UVB irradiation if using an SPF 50 for example. However, most people use way too less sunscreen. So, make sure to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours while spending time outside. 

After a day at the beach or pool, provide hydration and Vitamins to your skin. This will support regeneration and keeps your skin fresh, glowy and bouncy. 

Instead of roasting ourselves like a chickens on a BBQ. Here are some bronzer, self-tanner, sunscreen and little glow-helpers during Summertime.

A big Thank you to Sarah who took the time for this little interview!

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