First automn look …

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Even if I’m still in Italy and the weather is so much more nice than at home I bring myself to do a cool and easy going fall-look which I would choose to wear and although it’s already pretty cold in good old Germany (my iPhone said) I’m bristling to wear socks!!

Being 2 months in Italy I’m turning into an italian which means freezing at 20 degrees 🙂 Above all it was more than clear that I would bring at least 2 pair of Supergas with me! I loved these sneakers since…. ever! The first ones I got where white classic and had the size 32 :). Finding myself now in a kind of flashback of my childhood I was had to buy at least 2  pair. One classic whites and the military color which is my new favorite.

Together with my Fendi 2jour, skinny jeans and a plain white shirt (both ASOS Curve) i feel ready for fall. To spice this cool casual look up, I’m going with this fabulous vest by Marina Rinaldi, which is an all-round talent and I’d wear it also in combination with cool boots and maxi dress!




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