Feeling left out of fashionizm!

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I’m talking about the newf Stuart Weitzman collection, especially one pair! The ‘Nudist’ is not only so my shoe it is also the perfect companion for coming summer. You can wear this puristic sandal to every occasion! There is literally nothing where I would wear it – ok maybe I would skip them when it comes up to a marathon run but this is truly the only thing. The simplicity of it self makes this sandal perfect. I discovered the sandal on Leandra’s ‘the man repeller‘.

SW x YOU – offers you a kind of customizing. You have the possibility of  choosing different colors, materials, two different heel measurements  AND now the best part of it THE wideness! How often this happend to me, smushed toes like sausages or if I’m going to take them a half size bigger I’ll swim away.

After having my ‘OMG this is like puuuuurrrrfect’ moment I was more than ready to order two pairs.



Feeling totally euphoric I went to the german online-store I had to realize pretty quickly that ‘customization’ is not available for the german store which made me really angry! I mean are we girls, based in EUROPE aren’t fashionable enough ? Or is this a compliment for having only ‘standard’ feet? Above all the shoes are produced in SPAIN! and as far as my geographic knowledge is reaching, correct me if I’m wrong, Spain is Europe!!

Alright.. after calming down, because I’m not a girl who get put off by shipping distances, I’m a shoe addict I’ll take every shipping range I was back at the US online-store luckily creating my dream-sandals, chucked them into my shopping basket, filled up AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL the information to get finally to the point that they’re not shipping to GERMANY!

After calling twice the SW customer-service I’ve been told that she didn’t even heard of the ‘SW x YOU’ project and the other lady told me I should order at the US online-store… !! This is not what I was expecting as a customer-service.

Anyway I had to come to the conclusion that if not a miracle will happen – these shoes won’t make it on my feet – if I’m not going to buy the regular ones at the german online store where neither my color nor the wider option is available.

complete disappointment!








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