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PA210022 filter 5[1]Nowadays the most of what we have in our closets are from one of the common big retailers. Everything is mass production and the price is cheap.

Cloths become more and more a disposable article instead of a vintage piece you’ll pass to the next generation. The uniqueness is suffering and the milking of people in 3rd world countries is the sad result.

I’m seeing it in my own closet so many cloths that that still have their tag on. I know I’m never going to wear them and they will end up in the trash someday.

I know there are a lot of apps & websites where you can sell your cloths and I’m still trying – but honestly it is pretty anoying. People want you to measure everything like a hundred times and still are not satisfied. Then they want you to do pictures where you wearing the cloths so that they can see the fit, btw. they don’t care if you write: “…the jacket is way to small …“. They wish to have it like at ASOS where you only have to click on “see on the runway” video.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s still a good opportunity instead of throwing it in the trash, but wouldn’t it be even better to take care what we buy; maybe rethink before we purchase; buy better quality or recreate something new out of our forgotten cloths?

I’m not a tailor and I’m everything than good in sewing but there are so many other chances to make something old into something unique, personalized & cool.

The best example for recreating new cool pieces are the Vintage Twin‘s. I love their idea, creativity and styles. Watch here the interview by Elite Daily.

These fabulous girls brought me to the idea to recreate my old leather jacket and I did this with some white leather-paint.fastfashion1[1]

PA210050 filter 3[1]Now I have my very own leather jacket and I get a lot of compliments for it. Everybody want to stand out and have personalized cloths & accessories. So give it a try and do by your own and if you are not that creative have a look a one of the POP-UP Stores of the vintage twin.




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