NYC. This town.

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Attending the Fashion-week is always a really busy time but, it is also the best opportunity to meet many interesting like-minded people. In next posts I’m summarizing up all my experiences and looks.

New York:

As Frank Sinatra sang: “This town is a lonely town – Not the only town like-a this town
This town is a make-you town – Or a break-you-town and bring-you-down town

This town is a quiet town – Or a riot town like this town
This town is a love-you town – And a shove-you-down and push-you-’round town …”

Nothing haunts me like New York. This city welcomes me always like a citizen every time I’m here. During Fashionweek I haven’t got enough time to enjoy friends or night-outs but it will be always my kinda city.


Because my NYC-Trip was only 48h long, I decided to have one key look which I can easily transfer into a comfy travel-look.

Coat: Mango Violeta

Flare-Trousers: Asos Curve

Blouse: Triangle, find similar here

Pumps: Schutz Brasil, find similar here

Bag: small Prada Canvas Bag, find similar here

Sunnies: Prada


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