Leather -the new denim.

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Let’s talk about one my favorite materials:  l e a t h e r !

I love the diversity leather offers especially this fall. It’s not longer a cliché hard-rocker look or named as  rock-chic-look. Now leather is showing us more skills, it shows up now in a total classy way!

Why Leather is for me the new Denim: First of all you can’t go without leather this fall, neither faux-leather nor real leather. No cutbacks anymore. It’s allowed to be worn as your denim-jean. Everywhere and anywhere. Simply it’s a must!

Gone the rocker image!  It comes in classy shaped etui- dresses, sweet Peplum Tops, hip Caps, hot shades, 50tie-styled Jackets, delicate chemises and turtle-necks in different colors like pastels and all time favorite- black!

Get caught by these smooth, formerly hard afflicted material.


Show some skin this fall 😉


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