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Warby Parker Spring



Back from Milan I finally feel spring is coming closer and closer and while the first shafts of sunlight are kissing my face, I suddenly think of the trends & must haves this season.

Shortly: New shades needed!!

The new Spring Collection from Warby Parker is about color, classiness & cool silhouettes which are always a GO!



I really like colored sunnies for this season.

They can be a hot key-piece for a casual look. I would combine them with some accessoires that renews the color and integrates it with the look.






walker-optical-canton-blueUnlike colored frames, wearing them daily you run the risk of ‘over-combining’, better be aware of choosing to heavy, outstanding colors like yellow or pink. The cool ‘canton blue’ makes it more light because it’s transparent.







warby parker reilly




But my absolute favorite is Marzipan Tortoise sounds sickly sweet but looks cool. The combination between silhouette & and ‘color’ brings a modern classiness with it, wether sunnies or frames! Especially the ‘horn’-look makes these to all-rounders.


See more hot styles from this Spring Collection HERE.


But not only because of the new season I would like to introduce you to the brand Warby Parker.

We love fashion, trends & style – but we have always to remember that there are also people on this planet who didn’t had maybe the chance receiving a good education or job. When I heard about the project ‘Buy a pair give a pair‘, from Warby Parker.

Over one billion don’t even have the chance to get frames. For me, this amount is unimaginable. I’m also sure that some of you, especially the sucker for fashion,  whether you work in fashion business or not, have at least two pairs of glasses. I have around 5 different one’s depending on which style I’m wearing ;).

To see that Warby Parker is supporting people in need, simply by giving them the chance to see or read clearly is amazing and imagine his chance can even increase one person’s income of 20%! (Read some stories here)

Warby Parker and his non-profit partners ensure that for every pair of glasses you buy you give someone in need the chance to buy frames for an affordable price. I think it’s great having the chance to be a part of this movement! To give people in need the prospects for a better life should always be a reason for us to help.

warby parker do good 2

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