A good question…? boys, boys, boys…!

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I joined lately an interview-training which a friend of mine had to get through. I was really happy to join this training because it’s also for me important to train interview-situations and I had a lot of fun being interviewed by these lovely guys and girls. Not just that they made me having a great experience, one of them was floating a question into the room which made me think.

The simple question if ‘Do you also give attention to the men? or is it all about fashion for girls?’  Honestly, I had the plan from the beginning to write for boy’s & girl’s, therefor I had an style-safe man who took part of the boy’s section. But as things changed I focused more on the female part.

However, this guy brought me back to my beginning and I decided that the boy’s should not be left out.

Everything will be same just with the addition that the boy’s the attention they deserve, so every now and then I will write for boys’ aswell and in the end we are all a sucker for well dressed men, no? 🙂

So see some of my top fashion impressions for Fall/Winter 14 homme – fashionweek from Paris and Milan.

SAINT LAURENT:  Hello brit. Punks! The new styles remind me of the typical london punk guys. It’s extrovert and personally I do not like the creepers that much. But the coats are more then amazing. Personally, I think every guy should have at least ONE!

LANVIN: I can see some classic moves in Alber Elbaz Designs for Lanvin, which I appreciate a lot. The pants look amazing and navy is my favorite color ever! Male or Female! Fluffy pullovers or detail make u want to cuddle your man even more? ha!

DIOR: Pure classyness paired with fashionable details. This is DIOR HOMME for this winter! I love the pinstriped suits! Special Detail is the lily of the valley that Dior believed was his good-luck charm appeared as a trompe l’oeil embroidery peeking from a pocket for DIOR HOMME Fall Winter 2014/15 collection.


watch the hot sale pieces –> next post.




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