Don’t just scrub – do WAHE!

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Dear Beauties,

shortly I had the chance being invited at the launch-event of a new beauty company called – WAHE

The event¬†took place at a launderette, the perfect location – where else is washing more home than there? ūüôā I enjoyed myself a lot in this cool place where we were catered with amazing vegan and biological food plus good drinks.

WAHE SCRUB closeLet’s get back to the important things, the scrub. It’s made out of fair trade coffee grounds, sea salt and diverge herbs like lavender, camille and calendula last prevents skin irritation and impurity.¬†The color may take getting used to but the scent is really pleasant.¬†On top everything is totally biological and vegan.

Wahe scrubWe¬†had the chance to try the scrub during the evening and myself, a highly sensitive skin owner, which is usually very aware of what she let’s coming close to her skin, was quite surprised about the soft-, and pureness of the product.¬†The scrub is very mild and not scratching like the mostly of the scrubs,¬†while¬†removing the scrub with water it left a very good and soft¬†feeling on my skin.

enterpreneur sophia and aylinSophia Spengler and Aylin Yazgan¬†are more then entrepreneurs they are partners in crime and in yoga. So, it was just more clear that the name WAHE¬†found¬†it’s origin there. WAHE means a state of a present blessedness and is part of the Kundalini Yoga.¬†Both, Aylin and Sophia attach more importance in sustainability and beauty which is essential nowadays. I appreciate, that you can find their credo everywhere, from the packaging to the product itself which deserves my fully respect.

So far I’ve tested the scrub on my legs plus d√©collet√© and¬†I’m really satisfied¬†with the results. My skin feels fresh, nursed and super soft. On Sunday, my scrub-day, I’m going to integrate from now on WAHE¬†to my weekly face and body cleanse.

Thank you for this great product and the love it contains.

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See here some more impressions.

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