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firstdateSpring time is here and date season knocks again on a single girls door 🙂  not that I would avoid dates during the rest of the year but Spring has so much more ease and lightness and above all I never have to think about my Choos’ getting wet during a cold rainy day.

As I created this look I had in mind having the 3rd date with a charming gentleman-like guy which you already rechecked and approved during the first two dates 🙂 hahaha !!

Date lookThe soft texture in combination with the high-neck cut of this dress give my curves the perfect fit beside it sends the perfect statement: sophisticated but sexy. It shows skin but not too much. The high-neck is perfect to combine it with a cool necklace. For colder evenings I would add a blazer or you take his later ;).

As a statement necklace I’d prefer the one from loverocks.

The Plexi-Clutch is  from Edie Parker, where you can get the coolest and most awesome customized clutches ever. Edie’s clutches are not only THE must-have right now it can be a good conversation starter as well ;).

Find the dress here. The shoes are comfy heeled sandals which I found at ASOS on sale. Find similar here.

A little concern about the sandals, open toes, birkies, heeled sandals or any other shoes which show your feet: please girls never!! never ever!! underestimate a good pedicure (this goes along with manicure as well) I’ve seen so many girls which do not take care of this at all!! And not that it is just disgusting it also sends the wrong signals to your chosen date!



For the ones who feel left out now because they are lucky ones in relationships – please!! Don’t !! this post is for everybody having a date, partner, partner in crime, lover or a dog 🙂

have fun and date! as much as u can – spice it up – and bring back the classy dates in your life<3








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