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Although Christmas is my favorite time of the year, it is sometimes hard to find every year the best presents for all your beloved ones.

This year I found some nice things which I don’t want to hold back!



HIS: A cozy nice sweater is always a good idea. Valentino Wool-blend Sweater. 590 EUR.

HER: The sweet Pillows which I have found at Westwing, make it clear what a girl needs. 64 EUR.

HIS: Not only favorited by Italian Barbers, the C.O. Bigelow Shaving Cream. 17 EUR.

HER: The perfect burgundy red you’ll find in these Roger Vivier Pumps. 590 EUR.

HIS: Own a piece of Monopoly history with this version by Esdevium Games, part of the brand’s ‘Nostalgic Edition’. 35 EUR.

HER: The perfect Fashion-Statement for every fashionista. Canvas print (81 cm x 122 cm) at Westwing. 279 EUR.

HIS: BEASTIN was founded by the design duo Duki and Fu. An idea born from the love of Basketball and 90s HipHop culture. A combination what makes this to a perfect present. 40 EUR.

HER: A loving, sweet sweater from CARVEN melts the heart. 270 EUR.

HIS: Not only perfected by the industry insiders at Lavett & Chin, this Hair-wash comes also in a cool design. 30 EUR.

HER: ‘Love’ the favorite word during Christmas-Hoildays. Show some love with these sweet earrings. Mariana Berlepsch. 175 EUR

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