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Although it is already summer, more or less ! I would like to show you what my personal must haves are !!!

Just something little beside.

As you all may now I always combine curvy fashion proposals with regular ideas because I write about fashion and we are all women so there is no need in making differencing we are all beautiful. It’s about fashion not about being curvy or not.


Now to my must-haves for at the beach!

Finally summer arrived and I must admit that I actually haven’t felt for a long time which was probably the reason why my post took that long. What made me really feeling summer, were the ASOS Curve Bikinis this year. One of my favorites, the black and white graphic-print.

If you’re not so into bikinis or just prefer wearing an one-piece then I would totally go for the peach-colored, asymetric swimsuit from Norma Kamali available at net-a-porter. The peach is absolutely flattering even if you’re not tanned yet.

Perfect for heading to the bar is this stunning lace kaftan of Miguelina also available at net-a-porter. This piece brings suddenly elegance everywhere you go.

Of course what should never be missed? – right the sun protection! Although I always was into KORRE’s and I am still, I discovered this amazing brazil sun-oil Sol de Janeiro. The scent and the consistence is great, not sticky as the most of the sun-oils are. It brings the right summer-feeling.

I never leave the house without my sunglasses! Especially with my mirrored Aviator RayBan. These are available in 3 colors. For this look I prefer the orange ones. You can’t wear more ‘summerness’ 🙂

For really every CASE is the Lanvin Pouche. From sun-protection up to your phone, money, tissues or every other kind of ‘beach-needed’ items will find place in this sweet little bag.

In the end of the beach-day I always like to put some jewelry on. There can nothing be wrong in adding some more accessoires for going to the bar and having a sundowner – right? 🙂 The golden Cuffs of ASOS Curve have the perfect fashionable statement to put on.

From the jewels heading to the Beauty-Topic.

Usually I prefer to be as much as natural at the beach. Sun, ocean and sand are doing a good job in making you pretty! The only thing I always have with me is my NARS velvet lip-pencil, just incase – u’ll never know who you are going to meet 😉

I was asked if I could add some, let’s say beach-gadgets to my post. Honestly, I don’t bring any gadgets with me to the beach except maybe a mp3-player but some days ago I discovered the AMAZON Kindle, I’m not having one on my own but my friend showed me this cool electronic ‘book’  and I was really into this little thing, because there is always the problem in bringing heavy books to the beach. First of all you have to carry them and they get destroyed at the beach. So this actual really unspectacular looking tablet caught my eye! and I’m def. getting me one! It’s easy to handle and it’s really comfortable to read.

Coming now to the beach-bag! For sure everybody is now wondering or mentioning “what the hell is she taking a 3000 EUR bag to the beach!!!”  Yes I do!  Because a bag is meant to be used! and why not taking the bag you like to the places you love and I guess I’m old enough to treat my things carefully.

Most of the time during summer I’m wearing Sandals or any other kind of open shoes. It’s the time to show your feet!Pedicured of course PLEASE ! The Sandals of Ancient Greek Sandals are the perfect combination for beach and dinner at night or strolling around through nice little villages. I love the golden hardwear on tanned skin.

The last must-have what I’d like to share with you is a crackling!!  After-Sun!! Such a fun thing!!! I discovered this mousse while I was in Milan at the Sephora store!!! I must admit that I’ve never heard before of the brand Herborist –  it’s really cooling and moisturizing and this crackling feels really good on the skin! It’s so cool that I’m really thinking about of using this longer than just for summer or after the sun-baths. NECESSARILY a MUST HAVE!!!



I hope you will like some of my proposals for this summer! I’m going to enjoy now the beautiful sun with some delicious Lemon Soda, which is def. turning into a seriously addiction. HAHAHAHA 🙂


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