Beach Life pt. 1

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Like every summer, I’m going to move to Italy, where I spent the whole summer. Nothing is better than changing my stuffy city-office into a ocean-view desk. I can jump into the sea, work on my tan-lines, enjoy delicious sea-food and the best – living that beach-life ;). But the beach life requires some important essentials.


Unbenannt-2Bikinis: I always look for something special, which is kind a difficult when it comes up to certain sizes – this brought me always to the point, in designing and sewing my own bikinis, which is fun but requires a lot of time.

But for god sake Gabi designed awesome, young, hawt boobfitting bikinis which I loved, Gabi Fresh swimsuitsforall. On Sale for 58 Dollar. It fits perfect and is looks really sexy, I never thought that I would rock an underwire Bikini but Gabi made me do it.








Beachdress: I was looking for the perfect beach-tunica, for having a nice drink at the bar. Most of the Tunics were too simple. Finally I found the perfect one at ASOS Curve. ca. 50 EUR.Asos Curve Tshirt Split Dress












Sunscreen: “Protect the skin you’re in!!” The Hei Poa Sunscreen LSF 30 is from Tahiti and just smells sooooo good !! ca. 18 EUR.








Goodies: What can ruin a day at the beach? Right no battery for your mobile. The mipow Powerbank comes in different poppy colors AND charges your cell or tablet. Best-buddy-alarm!!! ca. 28 EUR.












Goodies: “STAY GOLD!!” I have to work during my long-term stay in Italy, yes annoying, but well, I have to make money to handle my, let’s call it somehow, expensive taste HA! Ok, let’s go back to the fact that there is work I have to do. I didn’t want to carry that much around with me so I splurged myself with a sweet, golden Apple MacBook. ca. 150o EUR.




Bags&Pouches: Tiny but WOOHOO!! For the little important things like money, ID, Lipstick and cell I prefer to carry an extra pouch with me. The royal blue from Prada seems to be perfect. 190 EUR.

Prada Pouch









Dior Technologic


Sunnies: GOLDENEYE!! Obviously I have a thing for golden accessoires. Well I’m not a bond girl but THESE sunnies are the ISH!! Dior Technologic ca 400 EUR.





Bags&Pouches: TRAVEL SIZE – To store all the things  I am carring around with me,  I need a HUGE BAG and the flowery tote from Givenchy is doing a good job. ca 800 EUR.













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