Babely Christmas-Dinner

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This post may distinguish from the usual posts I do, but I would like to share some thoughts with you about friendships and the outcome of my babely Christmas dinner.

Previously, I have to mention that after several disappointing friendships in my past (as we all had, I guess) I became pretty careful with new people around me and so it is more than refreshing having these 3 wonderful ladies, which I actually just met, around me.

I appreciate spending time them because, it’s always fun hanging with girls but the most important thing is that they are left to their own devices, means: You can share same styles or thoughts but being yourself, there is of course, the same movement but everybody is equal and has its’ own individual personality. AND This is what makes a girl clique work.

So, this combination and the fact that we all love Christmas made it just more than clear that it would be a pleasure for me to cater our Christmas-dinner.

Heading from the emotional part to myself: an awful perfectionist when it comes up to dinner parties. HA!

I decided quickly that I’m going to prepare something pretty, delicious and special for my boo’s and so I came up with the idea to have a glamorous table setting. The fairy lights are a good alternative instead of candles. These I found last year at IKEA. The rest of the table setting is very classy as the menu itself was. Although I’m not an outstanding cook I managed it to make them happy ;).

On top I was looking for something special and I decided to ask Crystal from fashionlistically speaking, who draw me in already in summer this year (see here), to make a cool fashion illustration of us four which made them squeaking. 🙂 GOAL!

We had a joyful, amazing, fun, dirty & great evening and I want to thank  Theresa, Sophie and Verena for being now part of #wedemgirls.




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