A Summerbreezeeeeeeeey never gets cheeseeeeeey…

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Although Spring has been a little bit left out this year, I’ve to admit that my head was already dreaming about Summer and as somebody who distinguishes Summer and Winter scents I got triggered some weeks ago..

It all started at the press day at WE LOVE PR. One of the lovely girls, Antonia, kidnapped me to the best smelling corners in the room and introduced me to Berdoues. A French perfumer family, which exists for more than 100 years now. I was directly into the design and especially thrilled by the collection “Grand Crus”.

I loved the idea behind it. A journey through different countries and memories and with each you connect a certain scent. My personal favourite was Selva do Brazil*. The scent-description says, the simplicity of a botanical perfume. The perfumeurs have recreated the Selva- the rainforest- by melding a dry, inimitable green note that reveals its original, bold nature. The vivacity of Brazil in a glass bottle.

For me, it has a very fresh and clean smell not too intrusive and it hijacked me to warm, sandy, salty-ocean places where you can hear the wind rustling in palm trees and hot Summer nights who seem to never end.

This scent will absolutely follow me on my journey to Italy and it will bring me some Copacabana feeling to the Tyrrhenian sea.

I collected some of my current favourite scents for this Summer. Some are light, some are fresh, coconutty, or elegant from flacon to the scent. Choose wisely and let it transport you to what your Summer should smell like.


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