Christmas Pleasures For Men

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2012 was the year of  ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and all of  sudden we are willing to play in bed, well now WOMEN or GIRL’s it is the chance to take action and buy your men some utensils to make your intimate phantasies come true – HAHA (ironically) . The good thing about the luxury bondage kit from Kiki de Montparnasse is people could think it is an add-on for a Hermes Birkin crocodile bag through his aesthetic. Price EUR 1250

Well I know granny that told you once a Arak in the morning keeps away bacterias and boringness. But here your grand child should definitely be over 18 before consuming. Picasso painted it. Hemingway wrote about it. Oscar Wilde was known to have a sip or two. The mythical green fairy has long captured the imagination as a sort of romantic and forbidden fruit drink. This fancy gift set contains absinthe, glasses, slotted absinthe spoon, and matches — all the necessities for a little highbrow debauchery. At this place…Christmas can come for the Price of EUR 122.90 ;). Ho! Ho! Ho!

The editors of San Francisco-based literary journal McSweeney’s joined forces with art critic Michael Kimmelman to create this irreverent, amusing collection of art, exploring that fascinating space where text, illustration, and humor intersect. More Things Like This contains some 300 images from cartoonists, musicians, writers, and other creative types, including Leonard Cohen, David Mamet, and Kurt Vonnegut . It’s smart, hilarious, and refreshing book for EUR 28

Need an iPad sleeve where there is no branding? COS made it possible with its simplicity a fresh color and beautiful to hold. Well then buy as well the iPhone pouch while I am sure he already has it or it will soon be in his Apple Item Collection. iPad sleeve EUR 69 / iPhone Pouch EUR 29

We all know with this globalization people travel a lot, the youngstars party hard and every men needs some treatment for his skin. Specially under cold temperatures were they think running naked in the snow is the solution to attract girls…force them to take care with Kiehls traveler kit for EUR 19

So many different cufflinks exist but let’s be honest, only Tateossian London made it possible to make all kinds of different types to combine with every watch, belt or emotion. Those are the perfect fit for NYE, Price EUR 95

Now never forget the little brother, son or let’s say grandpa starting to play sooner or later with an Apple MacBook Pro he would definitely need this beautiful little 2GB USB Robot to feel young, hip and different! Price EUR 68

I don’t really need to explain why it is amazing to have and use an iPad. But I can explain why you should buy the iPad mini. With the iPad mini you have an alternative from the iPad to the iPhone and can beside still stay with your blackberry which, I know, is very hard to let go. Positive is you won’t feel yourself out of the Apple Religion. Price starting from EUR 329

Ladies, you know how it is…men, alcohol, christmas, NYE, the delicious food…well after this time you aloud some extensive pleasure after it will be time again to make them move and control their extra pounds. Check how they proceed with a Nike FuelBand. Price EUR 113

Sophisticated, voluptuous, passionate. Ombre de Hyacinth from Tom Ford creates bewitching tension as hyacinth cloaks its voluptuous beauty behind cool, aristocratic finery. Go and get it to smell the beauty out of him. Price CHF 202.11 

You won’t be disappointed, extra-strong quadrant hinges – 24K gold plated and hand polished, life-time warranty, pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage all this are arguments to buy a Torino Deluxe Humidor of Adorini for EUR 140 (benefit from 20%).

There you have to add the Minijet lighter from Dupont. For example with a Skull head for EUR 99

Cartier, who hasn’t seen the beautiful intro with their legendary leopard…(Click to watch) My inspiration for 2012 going back to the roots. With the Tank Solo XL from Cartier you will wear and live history, style and accomplish his dandy way walking through life. All this for EUR 2.740

Who does not love this weird old funny looking director, yes I am talking about Woody Allen. Enjoy a going back to old movies and combine his famous ART on your screen loving your husband or laugh with your brother. Buy the ultimate DVD Collection for EUR 65

Tuxedo check, shirt check, trousers, check, tie check. Mhm…something is missing. You are right, he needs this fabulous looking SKull-Embossed Patent-Leather Loafers from Alexander McQueen to match his Dupont lighter. Price EUR 428 By the way check out many different items at MR PORTER.

When he sleeps on a couch while he did again something stupid, does not mean he has to take cold. So keep him warm with this Cashmere & Wool blanket so he will be able to say sorry from his hottest manners ;). Price from CHF 1200

By the way a cigar box without cigars is cruel so please add some pieces price starting from $9 up. Very lovely would be a Behike 56 (Price per piece EUR 54) or Siglo IV (Price per piece EUR 28). Mark Prices can vary if you go to a cigar-dealer near by. Just have a look you could possibly safe and benefit from many little items while explaining you make a present etc. ;)..just be nice to the old lady there.

ViS tA ViE


P.S: If i don’t HERE any bad STORIES back….you miserably failed. Fight for the last Christmas present, this is how fun will start and the Absinth will taste …bisou les loulou


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